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March 8, 2009
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Lock and Key collection part 1 by Lovefashionxoxo Lock and Key collection part 1 by Lovefashionxoxo
Well this is part of a fall winter collection I've been designing for quite some time now with the insperation being secrets, keys and locks. The first chain piece is just and opening to set the feeling, not an actual outfit.

Hopefully a coloured version will be coming soon.

Info on each outfit:
1st. gray metal chains and locks.

2. Whire chiffion top, white/ gray chiffon/ lace skirt with crystal woven in. Gray lace gloves with swarovski crystals. Black lace boots with swarovski crystals and a sliver chain lecklave witch as a key dangeling down the back and a black silk belt tied in a bow at the back with a lock stiched into it.

3. This is my faverite piece so far, its a white dress made from silk and chiffon with swarovski crystals woven in on the left top side. Also a crystal bracelet on her left hand and white lace boots with swarovski crystals woven in. also wearing skin colour tights.

4. White chiffon/ cream top, Navy blue lace skirt with black silk belt. Silver key necklace, black lace boots with swarovski crystals and black tights.

5. Gray cotten wool blend dress with black vest, black lether gloves, black tights and gray lace up boots.

Hope you like them :love:
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anotherphilip Feb 9, 2010  Student General Artist
Great designs! I must say, you are really talented at your young age of 14. Keep it up!

They look so niceeeeeee. :dalove:
I fell in love with the second one.
Good job. :D
the last one is great!
Rallya Mar 10, 2009  Student General Artist
Ah, this is really good. :D the last one is my favorite too.
3wyl Mar 9, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Cool stuff. :D

The different styles are quite interesting. :nod:
Great work dude! I like the middle one...Man, the first one is skimpy.
Slight Swarovski overload there amigo, makes you sound like a shiny-object freak.
...I bet you secretly are.
Heh you got me there, im abit obsessed with shiney and sparkley things :).

yay I'm glad you like the middle one, thats the one i did yesterday, as well as the end one :love:
Lol trust.
Yeah those two are awesome (but well, all of them are).
I'd love to see them in colour.
Moreover, I'd love to see one if you ever actually decided to sew one.
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